D.S., Edmonton, AB:
"……I started seeing Janet several years ago to seek treatment for problems with IBS. that were seriously affecting the quality of my life. I knew nothing about acupuncture, but my G.P. was unable to help me, and Janet had come highly recommended by a friend. Although acupuncture is not an instant fix, I experienced relief after my very first acupuncture session. Janet treated my symptoms, but she also helped me to realize that my I.B.S. issues stemmed from stress and anxiety. I am a worried and anxious person by nature, and this can be soothed by acupuncture, as I have happily come to realize. I have continued with regular treatments, and the results have been nothing short of life changing. I will most definitely want Janet in my corner when menopause approaches! Her bedside manner is wonderful; she is engaged, professional and compassionate. The minute you step into Peridot, you feel as though the healing has begun……"


K.L., Edmonton, AB:
"....(Janet ).... brings to bear upon her practice a unique background combining her training both in Western-approach nursing, and Chinese traditional medicine. She understands where I, as a Western-born patient, come from in my thinking, and leads me to consider and experience more Eastern-influenced medical approaches. Her knowledge of human anatomy is remarkable. Most importantly however, Janet is an exquisite nurturer – respectful, calm and gentle. I emerge from her treatments feeling balanced and hopeful...."


Specialist Physician, Edmonton AB:
"……I was always skeptical about the benefits of Acupuncture. Over the years I have had several attacks of back pain. I am now fully convinced that early treatment can alleviate and even terminate bouts of pain. Janet provides this in a  special environment. Now, I'm a total believer!……"